Arrested for DUI in DeKalb County, Georgia


Question: I got stopped on New Year’s Eve and arrested for a DUI in DeKalb County. What could happened if I am convicted of a DUI in Georgia?

Answer: If you are stopped and arrested by a law enforcement officer for a DUI in the State of Georgia, you may face several penalties if you are convicted. The maximum penalty for a first (1st) DUI conviction in Georgia is twelve (12) months in custody and a one thousand dollar ($1,000.00) fine. The minimum penalty for a first DUI in Georgia is ten (10) days in jail and three hundred dollar ($300.00) fine.

Additionally, there are a few mandatory requirements for a DUI conviction in Georgia. Some of the requirements are that the Court must order forty (40) hours of community service, completion of a risk reduction course (known as DUI school), and submit to an alcohol/drug evaluation with any recommended treatment. There is also a one (1) year suspension of your state-issued driver’s license. You may be eligible for a temporary limited driving permit with a Affidavit of First (1st) DUI Conviction from the Court.

Last, there are collateral consequences with a DUI conviction such as the loss of automobile insurance coverage or increased insurance premiums. Termination of employment and the loss of driving privileges for use of company vehicles are also potential consequences of a DUI Conviction.

If you or someone that you know have been arrested for a DUI in Georgia, please call The Boddie Law Group, LLC at 404-287-2393. We are experienced in handling and litigating DUI cases throughout North and Middle Georgia.

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  • Christine Wilson says:

    Thank you for this information. My son was recently pulled over for a DUI and was detained. We are seeking counsel and we found you online and will be contacting your office.

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