Family Law

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Family Law

At The Boddie McKnight Law Firm, LLC, we specialize in all matters pertaining to family law. We have extensive experience handling divorces,legitimations, custody actions, child support matters, modifications, contempt actions, move-away cases, and guardianship.
We also handle dependency actions in juvenile court, child abandonment actions, and temporary protective order hearings. We routinely file contempt actions when orders are not followed as mandated by the Court.
We understand the very emotional and sensitive nature of family law. We handle each and every case with a high level of patience, compassion, and responsiveness to assist our clients during what can be a very stressful experience. We work diligently to provide our clients the individual attention they need to achieve the absolute best results.


Going through a divorce can be a devastating experience, both emotionally and financially. It is important to retain an attorney that is not only competent and highly experienced, but one who understanding and compassionate. Our firm will take the necessary steps to protect your parental rights, property interests, finances, investments, and retirement accounts. It is imperative your attorney has a level head, a firm grasp of the law, and the skills to handle these matters when emotions run high. Our top priority is to obtain the absolute best results for each and every client by way of mediation, a trial, or the collaborative law process.


Custody and parenting time are the most contentious aspects of domestic cases. We do not rely on “standard visitation schedules” or “standard custody arrangements”. We assess the facts and circumstances of each case in order to develop a customized custody agreement and parenting time schedule that works for our clients and their children.


If a father is not married to his child’s mother at the time the child is born, that father has no legal rights. The father may be obligated to pay child support but he has no legal rights to custody or visitation. The mother can and often will deny the father access to the child. The mother is free to relocate and is not required by law to inform the father. The father must file a legitimation action in Superior Court in order to establish his legal rights to custody and visitation. After the legitimation is granted, the mother and father have equally standing.
The sooner a father files a legitimation action to establish is legal rights, the better. The Boddie McKnight Law Firm, LLC takes pride in its zealous advocacy on behalf of fathers. We have assisted countless fathers in gaining primary physical custody or shared custody of their children.


In Georgia, child support is based on a statutory calculation of both parents’ income, custody, and the needs of the children. Our firm understands the complexities of the child support statute and takes the necessary steps to ensure child support is calculated fairly and accurately. We initiate actions to establish child support, we handle upward and downward modification actions, and we aggressively work to enforce existing child support orders.


One parent’s desire to relocate out of state or to another country is the other parent’s worst nightmare. Absent a very compelling reason, judges are not in favor of re-locations that drastically impact the custodial and visitation rights of the other parent. We aggressively fight for primary physical custody when a custodial parent opts to relocate.
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