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Question: I am getting a divorce and I have two children. I want to get this matter resolved quickly and I am considering representing myself.
What challenges might I face if I choose to go this route?

Answer: A person going to court without an attorney is acting “pro se”, which is Latin for “on one’s own behalf”. A great disadvantage of pro se
representation is that most litigants are not knowledgeable enough about the law and legal procedures to represent themselves. Although a
litigant might have some familiarity with the law, familiarity alone is not enough to win a case. Laws and rules can be complex and, oftentimes,
confusing to a person who does not have a background or training in law. In addition, there are often crucial issues at stake such as division
of property, debt, custody, visitation and support of children.

A pro se party may run into evidentiary, improper service, and erroneous filing of documents issues. Many litigants may not be aware that they
are missing essential information concerning their case. In most cases, such problems can lead to delays and lengthening of the legal process,
or can lead to expanded costs and frustration.

Additionally, it is imperative that a pro se litigant remember that they must act selflessly to foster a healthy co-parenting relationship and
that child custody and child visitation issues are not about the parents winning and losing, it is about the child[ren] being happy, supported,
and loved.

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  • Dan Garrett says:

    I am going through a divorce and its been really hard financially on my 3 boys and I. I was looking to save money by representing myself, now I see that I must have a lawyer in order to help with my case. Thank you for this helpful information.

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