What are My Rights after a Car Accident?


Question: I was in a car accident recently and I do not know what to do. Can you please advise me what I should do to make sure that I am protected?

Answer: After being involved in an accident, there are several things that you should do. First, after the initial accident, if safe and possible, you have to move your vehicles out of the travel lanes. At least, that is the law in Georgia. The police are trained to inspect the cars and the damages to determine who is at fault even if the cars are not in the exact position they were in when the accident occurred so don’t be concerned that moving your vehicle won’t make that possible.

Next, you should take pictures of your car yourself. These days, most people have smart phones or at least a phone with a camera so use it to document the condition of your vehicle after a car wreck. Documentation is very important.

Then, after the police arrive, and make a report, make sure to get other driver’s information. If you do not get it then, you will have to wait until the police report is complete to get the information needed to contact the insurance company.

After that, even if you were not at fault, you need to call your own insurance company and let them know about the accident to avoid any possible problems later. Also, you can and should give your insurance company a statement after the accident. But if you do not feel comfortable giving them a statement without talking to legal counsel, you can contact an attorney who can advise you what to say when you give the statement to your insurance company. Remember, you are not required to given a statement to the other drivers insurance company, and, it is probably best that you don’t.

Finally, below are a couple other tips to remember:

If you are injured, make sure to go the emergency room or your doctor and get documentation of your injuries. If your car was towed from the scene, make sure you get any valuables or personal information out of the car. Neither a lawyer nor doctor should be calling you directly after you accident if you did not contact them first, and it is actually illegal for either to do so.

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  • Anthony Patricks says:

    This is great information to have and I will keep this in mind, if I am ever in an accident.

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